Ask a Designer - coffee table


"Help me find a coffee table please.  Like to keep it under 500.00.  (Excuse the windows, we are in the process of trimming them)"

Halo Design's suggestions:

Beautiful room!  The room is very well designed and coordinated in terms of color scheme/finishes.  The natural wood flooring ties into the wood mantle and side table.  The slipcovered style sofas with accent toss pillows in white, greys and charcoal add some nice contrast in colors and tie in well with the area rug. The chandelier scale is great for the size of the room and black finish works well with the window trim and fireplace surround.  Since the style and color of the room is monochromatic, I would suggest a similar color/finish for the coffee table.  A nice wood finish to match the existing finishes would look great.  Please see some proposed pieces that I think would look great.  I think a rectangular table that is large in scale would look good to balance the length and style of the sofas.  Something “strong” in profile would also work well with the existing fireplace mantle and style of fireplace overall. Please let me know if any of these are of interest to you and I will provide you with the supplier names and product numbers.