Ask a Designer - countertop stone


"Hi!  Looking for some quartz countertop ideas that would go with my kitchen. My cabinets are ivory and my island is graphite. Floors are knotted chestnut. Backsplash will be white herringbone. Picture below!  Thank you in advance!"

Halo Design's suggestions:

The color scheme for your kitchen finishes looks great. The high contrast combination of white and grey cabinets is a timeless design with the flooring coordinating with the gray island.  I would suggest the following engineered stone countertop colors.  These are all from Casesarstone but other suppliers will have comparable options.  I like using an engineered stone that has a nice veining patter with some grey tones.  The grey veining will tie in the gray cabinet color. You can select a slightly off white color or go slightly darker (a very light grey) and these tones will still work very well with your other finishes in the kitchen.   Let me know if you are interested in any of the following proposed options and I would be happy to send you the product codes.