Ask a Designer - Daughter's bedroom


"Need help!  I am turning our office into a bedroom for my 10 year old daughter...absolutely no idea on furniture placement because of the floorplan. Please help!  All furniture needs to be purchased so feel free to tell me what to buy ie. bed, dresser, desk, etc.  Her ideal theme is coziness, soft peach /pink..."

Halo Design's suggestions:

Very exciting for your daughter!  I am not sure what the height of the bedroom window is and at what height the wall angles into a cathedral.  In any case I have not located the bed next to the window wall in case there is not adequate headroom there.  Also, I am not sure what the height of the window is AFF (above the floor) in case it is lower than the bed height. 

Based on the information you have provided for me, I would suggest the furniture plan as per my attached image below.  I have include a single size bed (a double would fit though as well)

I have included a lounge chair/beanbag chair by the window which could be a nice reading area for your daughter.  With the desk located against the door wall you could add some accent shelving or artwork or any fun/interesting piece like the letters that light up. 

Similarly you can add some art above the headboard like the fun “xo” letters showing in our bedroom photo. 

Depending on the height of the window and the window wall, you can add window treatment in the form of side panels. Many furniture suppliers carry children's furniture and they provide galleries to provide you with inspiration...these galleries can provide you with a great starting point in terms of selecting coordinated pieces.  I would be happy to send you the supplier and product codes for the suggest pieces if you are interested in any of the included.