Ask a Designer - design student mood board


"Hi there, could you please provide feedback for the two mood boards below? I am an interior design student and we need to get some 3rd party feedback about a moodboard for a cozy warm and bright living room. What/how do you feel about each option?  What do you like/don't like?  THANK YOU!!!"

Halo Design suggestions:

Great job with your moodboard layout!  I think a good moodboard pays attention to the scale of individual pieces and is easy for the client to view and understand the concept presented to them.  I do have a few suggestions for you…

When you are working with a client, providing options which you have done is great.  It will provide the client with some more visuals (sometime people do not know what they want until they see it.  As a designer it is our job to put together a concept based on the clients requests and preferences. 

I think that punches of a strong color are better than strong colors throughout a color scheme.  I think that an accent color stands out more against a more neutral backdrop.  You can create a “bright” living room without including several different “bright” colors”.

I would include the blue sofa and yellow toss cushions and then incorporate touches of that color throughout the space…a touch of yellow and blue in the area rug rather than the entire area rug being yellow.  A touch of yellow in the wallpaper rather than the base color of the wallcovering being yellow.  An accent wall color in the blue with neutral walls elsewhere. 

For the other moodboard, I would use the green chair or the pink sofa as the starting focal point/focal color and then include small touches of those colors elsewhere.  I think that a pink rug, sofa, wallcovering and paint color will overwhelm the space. Please see the example I have put together on the right here…