Ask a Designer - Tv unit wall


"Seriously need some help with what to do on this wall..." 

Halo Design's suggestions:

Great cabinet piece below the tv!  The proposed millwork design options based on the existing cabinet so that everything would mesh well together.  The cabinet reminds me of a modern farmhouse/industrial aesthetic.  You could add a few stacked shelves on one side of the tv or one wide shelf above the tv. 

You could use metal brackets to tie in the base cabinet design. I have had custom shelves made by a millwork shop and added brackets that I purchased from Restoration hardware, Ikea etc. 

Alternatively these retailers also sell shelving that you can mix and match with brackets or hardware.  Other options would be for an art or accessory ledge wall design (refer to photo) Tv mounting height is ideally eye level when you are sitting.  I would adjust the height if required prior to mounting shelving beside or above.